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I am a photographer based in Narvik/Norway and Tbilisi/Georgia.

My passion for photography started in the mountains. I am an avid ski mountaineer, with several first ski descents of 5000 - 7000m peak in the Andes, Pamir, Tien Shan and South Caucasus (see below). In the recent years, capturing the aura of the mountains and the sport through photography became goal of each journey.

While I started with mountain photography, I also work in the fields of documentary and reportage. This includes work about refugees and displaced persons in the South Caucasus. I like to work with the concept of photo stories, with one  images and a short, strong text.

Four images of mine won Merit Awards in the 2012 and 2013 Single Image Contests of Black and White Magazine, and I have published in the renowned climbing and skiing magazines Backcountry and Alpinist. Over 100 images of mine were featured as Leica Fotografie Mastershots. Furthermore, my work is used by outdoor companies for advertisements, websites and catalogues.

I focus on black & white photography, and regionally on Norway and the Georgian Caucasus. I use mostly black and white film in 35 mm and medium format, but also increasinlgy work with digital.
Most of my mountain images were taken on film with a Contax T3 or Voigtländer Bessa III. >>Voigtländer is a strong partner and we cooperate in testing of optics. 

I live in Narvik (Norway) and in Tbilisi (Georgia), where I work as ski guide and avalanche technician: 
I am also on the photographer`s rooster for UNDP in Georgia. 

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Peter Schön Fotograf
Organisasjonsnummer: NO 922934193

First ski descents (selection): 


Chatyn-Tau (4412 m) SE couloir (1800 m, S5/S6, E3, 45-55°+), with Trevor Hunt
Chatyn-Tau W (4310 m) SW face (45°), with Trevor Hunt
Mkinvartsveri (Kazbek; 5034m) NE face (45°), with Trevor Hunt 

2012: Jangi-Tau (5058m) via Xalde glacier and south face (50°) – first partial ski descent; with Robert Koschitzki
2010: Shkhara (5193m) south pillar (ED-/55°) – first partial ski descent and also first accurate and widely accepted DGPS survey of the summit; with Boris Avdeev
2008: Mkinvartsveri (Kazbek; 5034m) SE face direct (50+°), with Andreas Riesner
2008: Mkinvartsveri (Kazbek; 5034m) E ramp (50°), with Andreas Riesner
2008: Ortsveri (4365m) NE face (45-50°), with Andreas Riesner

Kyrgyzstan/Tien Shan & Tajikistan/Pamirs

Pik Pobeda East (6782m, Tien Shan) – 2 days over Zvezdochka glacier from BC, and up NE ridge (45-50°); with partner Anders Ödman, but solo to summit. 
2009: Lap Nazar (5990m, Pamirs) - N-NW route (to 55°), with Andreas Riesner

Sponsors & Partners: 

For my ski mountaineering projects and expeditions, I am supported by:

- Elan Skis
- Fritschi ski touring bindings
- Hilleberg tents
- Warmpeace outdoor garments
- Malachowski down jackets & sleeping bags
- Julbo sport glasses 
- Steiner-Optik binoculars